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Sustainable Growth

James Halstead Group is making impressive advances in reducing its carbon footprint through savings in energy consumption, minimising waste and subsequently recycling more.

Economic and environmental sustainability are twin objectives and Polyflor, James Halstead’s flagship brand produces The Polyflor Environmental Report (view on which details quantities and progress on recycling, reducing energy use, carbon emissions and waste.

Here are some environmental key performance indicators:

  • Polyflor has been ISO 14001 certificated since 2000
  • Raw materials are responsibly and locally sourced, working with suppliers who also achieve ISO 14001 or who are working to achieve this environmental standard and EMS. No materials used are classified substances nor are they harmful to the environment or human safety.
  • Keen stewardship of resources has been implemented and since 2000, 43% less energy has been used in production, cutting carbon emissions by 15,236 tonnes. 96% of water used on site is recycled from ‘lodge water’ and waste management has continued to progress, with a 56% reduction in dry waste since 2002 and an impressive 85% reduction in wet waste when compared to 2000′s figures. The majority of waste is then recycled.
  • We will continue to develop and evolve our products for an improved low maintenance function, requiring less energy intensive cleaning and reducing the need for maintenance treatments and water. With up to 60% cost savings on maintenance, the PUR ranges in particular use 55% less water, are polish free for life and the use of strippers and chemical cleansers are significantly reduced.
  • Recycling is an important element of a product’s life cycle, which is why James Halstead has made significant inroads, not only supporting EPFLOOR, Recovinyl and Vinyl Plus, but also investing massively in its own recycling facility – recycling all post production waste – and also supporting Polyflor as one of two founding and funding members of Recofloor, the vinyl take-back scheme which facilitates the efficient recycling of post consumer waste vinyl.
  • Independent assessments with BRE Global have proven to be successful with A+ rating achieved on 25 product ranges, making Polyflor vinyl an exceptionally environmentally sound choice. This is reinforced through other such global schemes including Ecospecifier in South Africa and Australia, BASTA in Sweden and LEED in North America. There is a commonality with these schemes in that Polyflor is an environmentally beneficial choice of flooring.

*Latest figures correct 2010


Polyflor Environmental Review
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