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James Halstead began his company in 1915 dyeing, finishing and later waterproofing and rubberising textiles for rainwear and other outdoor clothing.
The seeds of growth for James Halstead Limited were set in these early years through the vision of the founder and especially his sons, Herbert and John who enthusiastically invested in technical developments that would innovate profitable new products.

The family business developed rapidly under the energetic stewardship of Herbert and John and it was they, in 1934, who expanded the manufacturing capabilities to include flooring products. It proved to be an inspired decision.

After many experiments to develop uses for the synthetic polymer PVC, Halstead technologists provided a real breakthrough when they were able to make a homogeneous vinyl sheet product.
It was a major innovation in flooring manufacture.
Branded Polyflor, this product and its many adaptations became the cornerstone of the company’s success.

Rapid growth obviously necessitated capital and James Halstead Limited became a public quoted company in 1948. Demand in the fifties grew and Halsteads looked overseas to develop manufacturing and sales capacity by setting up or acquiring satellite companies in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

This strategy continued in the following decades,
and Halsteads today are located in China, Russia, Australasia, Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa and Canada. High quality, fit for purpose products are exported all over the world, for schools, hospitals, transport and public buildings.

The Halstead family continues to guide this award winning company’s progress. Geoffrey Halstead the current Chairman and Mark Halstead CEO, with the support of expert managers, draw inspiration and insight from the heritage of innovation and entrepreneurship that this dynamic company has pioneered.

The Chairman of James Halstead plc
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James Halstead plc recieving the queens award