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Covering the World

Halstead Group Companies and their representative offices are
prolific across the globe and not always where you would expect
to find them! Just take a look…

James Halstead - Locations map
Map key:

1.   Polyflor Ltd UK
2.   Polyflor Ireland
3.   Polyflor Polska
4.   Polyflor Nordic
5.   Polyflor Contract
6.   Polyflor Hong Kong
7.   Polyflor China
8.   Polyflor Australia

9.     Poly Sales Africa (Pty) Ltd
10.   Falck Design
11.   Objectflor Art und Design Belags GmbH Europe
12.   Karndean International GmbH Central Europe
13.   James Halstead Flooring New Zealand
14.   Polyflor Canada
15.   Polyflor Middle East